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National & International Clubs

Antique Wireless Association (AWA)
An organization of some 4,000 members linked by a common interest in the history of electrical and electronic communications.

British Vintage Wireless Society (BVWS)
A society of approximately 1700 World-wide members sharing a common interest in the preservation and communication of technical and historical data, and the preservation and restoration of Vintage radio and related equipment.

HRSA - Historical Radio Society of Australia
Historical Radio Society, Australia's club for radio collectors. A large site including online journal, information for collectors, and construction projects.

Tube Collectors Association
The Tube Collectors Association supports and encourage the collection of electron tubes of all types and historical periods, providing a forum for sharing information on the development, manufacturing, trends in design, specifications, and historical relevance of electron tubes. The membership of TCA is dedicated to the non-commercial collection of electron tubes and the preservation of electron tube history

Canadian Regional Clubs

London Vintage Radio Club

Ottawa Vintage Radio Club

Canadian Vintage Radio Society

Quebec Society for Vintage Radio Collectors


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